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Skip FAQs

Beefy’s Skips will make it as easy as possible for you to obtain a skip.

What Size of Skip do I Need

See our Skip Size Guide for details of the types of Skips we offer, and to help you decide the size you may need.   If you are unsure, please talk to our experienced staff who can help you with all of your specific requirements.

When will my Skip be delivered?

We can usually deliver your skip within 48 hours subject to availability and conditions as it depends on how busy we are and what skips we have available. We normally recommend that if you need a skip for the weekend that you book it a few days in advance.

When will my Skip be collected?

You can either arrange the pickup date when your skip is delivered, or you can call us when you are ready. Please note that we normally require skip collections to be arranged in advance or 48 hours subject to availability

How Long can I keep the Skip?

You can keep the skip for up to fourteen days without giving us any notice.   You may extend this for up to an additional two weeks at no extra cost by calling our office prior to the day the skip is scheduled for collection.

Can I Keep a Skip Beyond 28 days?

Essentially you can keep the Skip for as long as you need it on your site, subject to additional charge, and we will discuss extended hire rates with you when you order your Skip.   However, any extended period of hire beyond 28 days must be booked and agreed prior to your initial delivery

Will I Need a Permit?

If you are able to store your Skip on your own property during the period you hire it, you should not need a permit.  However, if you need to store it on the road, or in a public area near your property, then it is likely you will need to obtain a permit from your local authority.   We can arrange this paperwork for you, and we will discuss this with you when you order your Skip.  If you do need a permit, it will take up to three days to arrange for Gloucester, five days for Swindon, twelve days for Wiltshire but does depend on your local authority.

What if There is no room to store your Skip?

You can use our Wait & Load Service, which does not require a permit as we take your refuse away straight away after you have loaded it.

Are there any items I cannot put in my Skip?

A representative but non-exhaustive list of Prohibited Materials can be viewed here.

What if I load my Skip with any items on your Prohibited Materials List?

If we find any prohibited materials in your skip when we receive it at our waste transfer station, you will be contacted and asked to collect the item from our waste transfer site or pay to have the item disposed or returned.  It will then be your responsibility to remove all prohibited items before we collect the Skip from you again.


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